Climate Physics Topical Group Petition

The Climate Physics Topical Group (TG) Petition is an effort by a group of members of the American Physical Society (APS) to establish a new TG on the Physics of Climate.  The procedure for establishing new Topical Groups is specified in Article VIII, Section 1 of the APS Constitution.  According to this procedure, the first step is to submit a petition with at least 200 APS member signatures.

Petition with Areas of Interest (AoI) Statement.  The TG Petition, with 225 member signatures, was submitted on 4 August 2010.

Draft TG Bylaws

Position Paper.  The Position Paper discusses the differences between the Climate Physics TG Petition and the competing APS leadership initiative.  Following delivery of the Position Paper on 2 September 2010, the APS leadership indicated their acceptance of a TG focused on climate physics that excludes policy and environment.

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